Sunday, July 26, 2009


It's near the end of my visit in the Bay. Mom decided to randomly look up online events in Hayward. Lo and behold, she found a free workshop given by SARK herself, (Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy), at the Hayward Public Library. She knows I'm working on The Artist's Way, (currently on hold while I'm out and about), and she knew it would be a great Mother/Daughter Time. And so we went, and so we had a wonderful time!

And as I sat and listened, I felt energized, and renewed, and inspired, and playful, and great. I've been looking at her website, and I feel the need to share again and to treat my blog as a tool for delightfullness. Yes, I want this to become a resource for us actor-types, but it's also supposed to be fun to do, and I was letting myself get bogged down with self-imposed, "I MUSTs." Crazy, isn't it?

SARK has her own blog:, and I plan on reading it as much as possible. The Artist's Way is definitely a help in finding your creative self - SARK really helps you find the joy in your creative self. I will leave you with a fanastic, delicious quote from SARK,"Remember to delight yourself first, then others can be truly delighted."