Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Since I turned 32....

It's time to catch up! It's been a non-stop roller coaster of work and getting a show up on its feet since my bday.

To sum up the bday - Turning 32 was pretty meh. I worked all day at a Freshi Film Camp - and teaching to a group of squiggly-wiggly 6 to 10 year olds was a bit trying. Especially since I hadn't had any caffeine, and by the end of that work day I got a withdrawal migraine. Yuck. After some Excedrine and lots o' caffeine I was able to manage being a slightly normal human being for rehearsal. My cast family was very sweet and sung Happy Birthday to me, and quietly at that. That Saturday, Steph made a delicious cake - yellow cake with chocolate frosting and peanut butter! I think that cake, my friends, and this, (from one of the kids at the Film Camp), were my highlights:
Hogan was the most adorable red-headed boy with glasses, and very sweet disposition. He really wanted to make sure he would fill out the reports every day of what we did, (even if he needed every word spelled out), and loved working the camera. He made my birthday note right after it was announced that it was my birthday. Awwww.

As for the opening of The Country Wife, everything that could happen in the two weeks opening a show could. Costume malfunctions, (or a lack of them), actors not off book until the night before opening, yadda, yadda. And for this past weekend? The A/C broke, the sound system or some such fuse was blown, and on Friday night - with a packed house - there was smoke, a smell of burning, and no sound for the end of the show. Despite all that, I think we did have a good weekend of shows, and even though we were all ready to die of heatstroke, the audience always left with smiles on their faces. I'll add pictures from opening and backstage over time....

I also took the CBEST last Saturday. That's the test one takes in California if they want to be a substitute or a full-time teacher. No, I didn't study and brush up on my fractions. I have no idea how I did. The nice thing is that you can re-take the sections that you missed. I'm just praying to the CEBST gods that I passed it all. I won't find out unofficial scores until May 4th.

Mentally, I feel that I'm behind in everything - from reading, to my laundry, to my working out, and I want to catch up, I just don't know if I will soon. And it's frickin' hot right now. LA has been blessed with No Spring - just straight to SUMMER. Makes it very hard to concentrate. And plans for summer are starting to pop up, and if I don't get that in order soon, I think my head will explode. So much to do, so little time. It's a constant theme, I just need to get over the stress of it all and be happy I'm doing fun things.

But I would like a break. Two days in a row - sleep the first day, let brain just meander through books and whatnot, and the second day, I'll do my laundry and reorganize my life. Let's see if it's in the cards.

How's that for a sum-up? Did I miss anything?

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

On the Eve of My 32nd Birthday

My update!!!

In 24 hours, I will turn 32!!!

I have to mail my taxes to my mom - but I don't have the cash to mail it since I'm overdrawn. Eck.

I've been teaching 14 kids aged 7 to 10 for the past two days - I need a nap - and it won't get quiet until this weekend.

Genie is taking me out tonight for a birthday dinner/movie.

Tomorrow I have rehearsal.

Mom & Dad sent me a box - I can't open it until tomorrow!!! And another one is supposed to come on Thursday.

Thursday night I have off of rehearsal - so I can help paint the set.

I need to study for the CBEST which is coming up, and I keep forgetting about it - it's very tempting to not do it - but that's just silly.

I will be feasting on rice, canned veggies and leftover frozen chicken breasts until I get paid next.

I miss you guys.

The show is shaping up nicely, I think it'll be a hit.

I have been in a humdrum restless mood for the past few days, and I think my birthday will help bring me out of it - otherwise - I'd be working on a Funk.

My room looks like it was hit by a tornado.

I miss working out - but sleep seems more important.

It's very hard to feel like I've lost weight and I look better than I did, when I have to wear a huge, fluorescent green polo shirt that is 2 sizes too big for me, and kids love to film me!!! Ack!

I can't wait for the birthday celebration to begin!!!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Alright, I'm Grateful, I'm Grateful, I'm Grateful!

Before my head hits the pillow tonight, I'm going to infuse my sleep with Gratitude.

I'm grateful:
-That my car was fixed
-That Mom & Dad could take care of it this time
-That my friends and co-workers didn't mind driving me around
-That work, Midas, and Jake's place were all within easy bus/walking distance to each other
-That Edelweiss didn't break anything as she just fell off of her window perch
-That Jake has allowed me to use his WiFi and I can type in bed
-That I've figured out how to record my lines and listen to them on my iPod
-That last night I got to bond with friends from my Project 22
-For my jobs at Actors Access and Freshi Films
-For my friends, new and old, they keep me going
-For the heater in Jake's room
-That Edelweiss has finally deemed me worthy of talking to, and allowed me to scritch her - even if it's late at night
-That I have friends that allow me to pet sit for them
-For being surrounded by good people on my birthday, despite that I don't get to spend it in Disneyland
-That I still have a chance to work towards a dream, despite how scary it is out here in the real world

And now, sleep.....