Friday, May 29, 2009

More Bragging for The Hothouse

The Hothouse has another fantastic summer show tonight! $10 for a night of wonderful, good times.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Have You Seen My Derby Video Before??

I'll have to unearth the blog I did on MySpace about it all. But it was fun. And I figure for you new friends, it could be something silly and fun to watch. :)

Patty's Destruction Derby

Go Out & See Some Theater! -and-The Princess Palace is Relocating

Get out of the house, you Los Angelinos!

Here's some theater you need to see:

The Country Wife - my show is closing this week! Sadness! Saturday's our last night. It's,"a sexual creampuff of delight!" For ticket info, look up Ark Theatre, Goldstar, LA Stage Alliance, or Stubdog.

The Heretic Mysteries -a show that features my friend Dee Amero Sudik, put on by the Los Angeles Theatre Ensemble. I'm excited because I get to see this show next Thursday! Whoopee! I believe you can look up half-price tix at the same websites, but don't quote me on that.

Project 22 - A night of improv at The Hothouse! You know this is close to my heart. $10 at the door, free booze, 3 sets of brilliant improvisers, one live band to throw it all together. So. Goshdarn.Fun.

This Sunday, the Academy of Theatrical Combat is hosting another Intro Class from 12 to 2. $50, tell Jan and Dan I say hi. SO FUN!!!!

In other news, The Housing Gods have seen to bless the current residents of The Princess Palace. Namely, myself Trina, and Jessi. We're going to move mid-July and live in a brand new home. Three of us are very excited, there's a backyard for the doggies and excellent parking, among other fabulous, fabulous accroutement. (Did I spell that right?) Oh, primarily we're excited just because we're not living under the rule of the crazy, drunk-sounding landlady. Hallelujah.

The closing of Country Wife will be sad. But, after a 7 week run, I'm definitely looking forward to a little more free time. One of the joys at being part of a theater company is that I don't have to say goodbye to the friends that I've made. And while some are all ready to get started on the next show, they are not far, far away.

The Artist's Way challenge of no reading/normal distraction of Facebook is still challenging. The good thing is, I've spent more time on this blog. The bad, it has cut off my major communication to the world. Unfortunately, time is seeming to escape me and it has left me feeling strangely restless and easily grouchy. Yet I am determined to keep the best foot forward. C'mon, World, bring me the good stuff!!!!

I hope you all have a lovely day, and for crying out loud, go out and see some live theater!!!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Hothouse Improvisation Level 1 Classes Starting June 8th

My love for improv was resurrected from taking classes at The Hothouse. Their Level 1 class on the basics is starting on June 8th. Sign up now! Here's the info:

Check out the link for more info on our new level 1:

Level 1 Class Schedule:
June 8th, 15th, 22nd, 29th
July 6th, 13th, 20th, 27th

Hothouse Level 1 w/ John Thies
Meets Mondays, from 7-10pm for 8 Weeks
Tuition: $275

Hothouse Improvisation
4934 Lankershim Blvd.
North Hollywood, CA 91601

Honestly, I've never met a more supportive and fun group. My opinion on the whole thing is that they're teaching you the tools to improvise, not teaching you games to be witty at. There are four basic levels, each tackling a different angle of improv. The Level 4 class teaches you how to put it all together for their show style. No, they don't put a name to it, as I know other improv schools do. That's something for me to learn next, I guess. Also, they're extremely willing to help out those of us who are in a financial struggle, but want to take the class. They take payment plans! Woot!

If you're afraid to begin, then this is just right for you. My group were all scared. We all said how much we were scared of improvising, one guy even said how much he hated improv, but heard so much about this group that he'd give it a go. It's good for the writer, the director, the actor, and any other schmuck off the street.

I hope you can sign up and take the class. Please tell John and Lana I say hi!

Note: The links aren't working for some odd reason. So just copy and paste a bit, won't you?

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Country Wife Gets Reviewed! -or- Chatty Patty Goes Insane!

This past Saturday, we were lucky enough to have a reviewer from LA Weekly come see the show. No, I'm not mentioned, I'm just a lowly maid - but who cares, we got a great review! Read on, pass it on, so on and so forth. We only have a week left!

NEW REVIEW GO THE COUNTRY WIFE Adapted and directed by Richard Tatum,
William Wycherley's 1675 bawdy satire is a sexual creampuff of delight. In
cahoots with Dr. Quack (Jim Hanna), Harry Horner (Darin Toonder) passes
himself off as a eunuch to polite society--all with the mind to be trusted
alone with the wives of gentlemen. His impotency is the focus of much
conversation, until the wives find out the truth and start lining up for his
services. One who doesn't trust him with his wife--or with any man for that
matter--is Jack Pinchwife (Antony Ferguson) who keeps his wife Margery
(Caroline Sharp) under lock and key. When he finally relents after her
constant pleading to see London, he dresses her as a boy, but the duplicity
doesn't fool Horner. She responds to Horner's kisses and a mix up of letters
ensues. There's a subplot involving Pinchwife's sister Althea (Tracy Eliott)
who loves the sober minded Frank Harcourt (Kenn Johnson) but has been
promised in marriage to the foolish Mr. Sparkish (Peter Ross Stephens), an
ignorant fop who yelps for wit yet can say nothing witty himself. Stephens
turns in an eye-catching performance as the foppish dullard and very nearly
steals the show. Tatum handles the ribald humor with flair, and costume
designer Denise Nakamura adds hilarity with the outrageousness of the
gentlemen's wigs. Hayworth Theatre, 2511 Wilshire Blvd., L.A.; Thurs.-Sat.,
8 p.m.; Sun., 7 p.m.; thru May 30. (323) 969-1707. An Ark Theatre Company
produciton. (Sandra Ross)

As for me, it's been a hectic couple of days. Where in the F did the time go? The Artist's Way has challenged me this week to not read. Reading is the perfect filler of time, and quite the distraction. You know what I read a lot? Facebook! Argh! So addicted. So no books, no blogs, no Facebooking, magazines, no idle time fillers. Why, you may ask? So as not to get distracted from your artistic creative side. This is good, as it will allow me to work on figuring out how to format this blog and all that I want to do. Soon enough, I might ask for some tech support as my brain starts to shut down. But that's a bridge I have yet to cross.

On top of it all, I left my nifty new phone at the theater on Sunday night. Just figured it out as I got to the car, and upon arriving back at the theater, (it had been 5, maybe 10 minutes at the most, and there were several people there as I left), it was dark, the lights were off and no one was home. I can't even get back to the theater until tonight! Facebook has been a major source of communication as well as distraction. Chatty Patty is going insane without a cell phone and without Facebook. My dad sent me an email this morning wondering what the heck I was doing. I'm asking myself the same question, I tell you. But look at me! I'm working on this epic project, I'm beginning to plot out the month ahead of time, and getting shit done. Woo. Amazingly enough, even keeping up with email correspondence can be a huge time suck. Not to mention, working! I find myself longing for the indepenance that unemployment gave me. But that's another topic.

As Jennifer Warren says, "Onwards and Sideways!" I feel a keen kinship to this phrase....

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Experimenting With The Unknown

Since I put out there the idea of a new blog, my head can't stop spinning with all that it could encompass. Lovely Readers, be aware that change is afoot! My plan for now is to merge the Creative Connections with my normal, ahem, I mean, "normal," life. If it turns out too cumbersome along the way, I'll let you know.

This week, heck just in this past day, all I've been doing is stretching myself beyond what I'm comfortable with. Whether literally - thank you Power Yoga, mentally - the act of learning theatrical sword fighting, or in the technological realm.

Yesterday, a Blackberry Storm was delivered unto me, thanks to my mommy. I am ever so full of gratitude and awe. And now, a little apprehension. I have to learn how to use this fantastic tool/toy to my advantage. Ack! Someone else make it go! But little by little, right? I'm also learning how to layout this Blogger page, and it's driving me a little batty. (What else is new, right Dad?). I usually reach a stopping point with the gadgets, and stop. But now it's time to keep pushing ahead. So I'm tackling a bit at a time. Patience is a virtue and all that.

Just think of it this way - The Muppets weren't perfect when they first came out, were they? Please bare with me while I go through this growing phase. I grow more and more excited each day about how far and wide this could go. I keep saying that if it weren't for my friends down here, I'd have move back home a long time ago. So, this is my way of giving back. :) There are so many, many things and people to know about! I truly hope this becomes a wealth of information.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Time For Something New

The Artist's Way is going very well. Little by little I'm learning to enjoy my creative side again, and also even the art of letting go, and just playing.

I've also been doing lots of thinking. I know lots of Lovely and Talented people. They are all involved with Lovely and Talented projects. I keep wanting to make a posting about every other project I know of, every class I'm aware of, and trust me - there's a lot!

So... just to bounce the idea off of you folks, what do you think about my starting a new blog? It'd be like a resource for all my folks out here. Think about it, I can inform my friends of fellow actors, massage therapists, chefs, dancers, writers, photographers, events, performances, non-profit organizations..... That's quite amazing, isn't it?

I can't wait to get started, I just need a name for it. I'm open for ideas, it needs to have something to do connections, or a resource guide, .... Here's what I've come up with

Creative Connections
Patty Jean's List
A Resource Guide to the Pattyverse
My Lovely and Talented Friends

I dunno, they're all close, but not quite it. Let me know what you think!!! Please!!!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Monsters Have Feelings, Too

About a week and a half ago, I began The Artist's Way. It's a self-help book, you could say. It's a way for those of us feeling a little challenged to get back in tune with our creative side. Each chapter covers a week, and you examine and explore what and who you are. In general, you set time aside to write every morning, you take yourself on artist dates, and there are different tasks, big or small, to help you get in tune with yourself.

The first week was interesting. One of the tasks was to make a list of who your Monsters were. Who gave you the idea(s) that you weren't creative enough, that you weren't good enough? You list 'em, maybe write down an example, and then change those criticisms to affirmations. Crazily enough, I was stumped.

Who told me I was no good? Because I feel an honest apprehension about pursuing an acting career. Despite how much I want it, I am a feared. And you know what? After a ton of looking back, I think the last one to insult me and my talent, were my frenemies back in elementary school. I can't recall anyone saying I wasn't good, that I should give up. So really, aside from having assholes for friends back in school, it's ME telling myself all these negatives.

How did I learn to do this? Holy crap! I'm the only one who is getting in my way of achieving my dreams. Once I soaked that in, I knew that I had to change it. This is not an easy road to go down. My self-esteem has gotten pretty far wedged down. I find myself treating me to a positive thought, only to be followed by a negative one. Nuts, isn't it? It takes practice, I guess.

On Monday, I had a lovely heart to heart talk with a friend of mine who's been studying astrology for the past 5 years. We went over my chart. And aside from the given that I need small animals in my life (yay), and a 9 to 5 job would not be in my best interest, I learned some things about myself. You lovely readers make think this is a bunch of hooey, but trust me, this is no Times Daily Horoscope. It actually led to a lot more self-examination. I need a creative lifestyle, I need strong relationships in my life, I need independence. From the way it looked, she told me I had a lot going in my favor - but I just need to find my confidence and JUST DO IT.

I have a lot of fear and self-doubt. I need to work on that. I should know that I can apply myself in the direction that I want, and I can make things happen - good things. I think I need to find and prove to myself that I am worthy of these good things to come.

My plan for this summer is to apply myself in my creative outlets. Also, it's to find my self-worth. I'm going to continue The Artist's Way - it's a 13 week, um, exploration, you could say. And I'm only in the middle of week 2. I'm digging it.

Oh, and by the way, I apparently have a strong compulsion to Save the World. And you know what? That's very true. I've always liked to help out. Maybe I can find a nice way to weave that into my creative compulsion.

Friday, May 8, 2009

All Better Now

The 7-11 guy remembered me today. I got my Rolos.


So soft, so perfect.

Thursday, May 7, 2009


On Monday, the vending machine gypped me of my bag of Fritos.

Today, after spending time deciding over which candy bar to treat myself, I decided on Rolos. Mmm, Rolos.

The dude from 7-11 forgot to pack it in my bag, and yet he charged me for it. I didn't realize it until 20 minutes later, happily sated off of my smoked turkey sandwich, that it wasn't there. It's too late, I can't go back. And here's me craving some chocolate and caramel.


I don't know if it's a blessing or a curse, but I say verily unto you, harrumph.