Friday, August 24, 2012

Help a Susan Out, Yo.

Susan's had a rough time of it, no doubt.

We've raised money for her through Give Forward, which was wonderful. She's been working as much as possible as a Fine Art Teacher to kids, and she's started up her own copywriting business through I've shared her vlogs with you and now I'm gonna share a video of my own:

I think the fastest/easiest way to support Susan, is to send a donation in to her via PayPal at her email address: $1, $5, doesn't matter, because every little bit will help. 

If you want to support her through her art, look here for her watercolors.  Look here for her oil paintings. 

Soon enough, she'll be opening up her own little shop online where you can buy her handcrafted jewelry. Oooh! I'll link to that as soon as I can.

In a world of crowdfunding for video games, webseries, adventures, and more, I think it's possible that we can raise at least $850 for Susan. That's a pittance compared to most campaigns!

No matter what, please share this post. Spread the word. I think we can help Susan.


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