Monday, September 10, 2012

Will You Adopt Us? Life in the Pattyverse: Rescue Kitten Edition

My friend Elisa just rescued two kittens!

For about the past month, there have been two feral kittens living underneath my building and in the parking lot.  While I debated what to do, when my neighbors started complaining I was feeding them and they started darting out into the busy street I live on, I knew I had no choice but to take them in.  I'm fostering them for now, but my own cat is super freaked out even though they are cordoned off, and my own allergies prevent me from having more than one cat and I'm looking for forever homes for them.  They are feral, though I believe still of an age they can be socialized.  Unfortunately, I've been working so much, I haven't had much time to do so myself.  Do you know anyone who may want them?  It would be great to keep them together.  It would take a patient person as they will take a little while to warm up, but they have already let me get closer and closer.

I went over to her place tonight and took a couple videos on my ever so nifty iPhone. Elisa was so handy with her iMovie, that she was able to take a couple of clips and put them into one movie.

These kittens will be needing a home filled with patience and love. We're hoping that it's not too late to get them socialized and happy to be around people. In the next few days, Elisa will take the kits to FixNation to get them checked out and to see when it'll be good to get them fixed. We're hoping we can get them to a home as soon as possible! Please share this post - spread the word!

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