Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Theater Goodness - 6/18 to 6/21


I'm in the midst of packing, cleaning, and getting ready for a 2 month pilgrimage. And what am I doing 3 nights before my drive away from LA? F-ing around on the internet. Seriously, I need to tell you about all the wonderful things that my friends are doing in this town! Dancing, improvisation, acting, musicians, more acting - really, what more could you ask for?

Young Storytellers Foundation
- just as a wee plug - Set your DVR's for "Eye on LA" this Saturday, June 20 (6:30 PM, ABC Channel 7) and see a very special segment featuring the Young Storytellers at Betty Plasencia Elementary. - I do believe this will have footage from the performance I was privileged enough to be a part of. If not, who cares? You should know about this fantastic group.

Ark Theatre Company
Hedda Gabler - the happiest show on earth! (Does my droll sense of humor come across)? I plan on seeing it tonight. I can't wait to see my friends tear up the stage.

Hothouse Improvisation
Friday night is the last of the Summer Shows. Boo. This will be the last thing I see before I go driving away. $10, free drinks, live band, brilliant improv, you will love it.

Sacred Fools
This company just don't quit with the shows! Madness in Valencia is still running, my friend Michael Holmes is getting some great reviews, Friday night they have Magnum Opus, and on Saturday - Serial Killers. Two original creations from Sacred Fools, two brilliant and f'in funny shows.

Circus Theatricals
My friend Jim McCaffree is performing in their One Act Festival - read a review from Backstage West here.

Theater 68
Perry Smith, who was in my Project 22 at The Hothouse, is currently performing in
BEGGARS IN THE HOUSE OF PLENTY. She and her cast have been getting wonderful reviews, and have had the honor of getting extended!

Pin-up Girls -
Davis Neves is dancing! Woot! You can see her in two shows this weekend. Here with The Pin-up girls at Dragonfly at 11pm this Friday night. Click on the link for their info on MySpace.

Helios Jive
Davis also gets to dance for this fantastic band. Paul Newman gets to perform as well, and you will love their brilliance on stage, while they play at the Elysium Festival this Saturday night.

Sarah Romanowsky
Another friend and fabulous dancer, Sarah gets to perform in a piece at the Debbie Reynolds Showcase this weekend. Sarah is also an aerialist, and even teaches classes!

Rumor has it, I also have friends performing more improvisation at another locale. Once I get that confirmed, I'll let you know! I don't think you could ever have enough improvisation in your life, especially when it involves great artists that are alumni from The Hothouse.


And on one final note, before I go back to packing one more box, Aarti Paarti Quick Bites, has yet another episode up and going! She's cooking some flank steak (looks so good!), and even has a gunfight - with bananas. Trust me, it's a good episode.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Genie Willett - Stalker Girl

Hello Friends.

I've been trying to decide what to brag about today. What can I connect you with? Who can I show off? What can I inform you of?

Here's one little excerpt of a series at Hothouse Films. Stalker Girl features Genie Willett doing what she does best. It also features the brilliance of Elena Zaretsky, Jamie Lou Moniz, and Brendan McNamara.

Mark 1:

Mark 2:

The ever so chilling conclusion - Mark 3:

I hope you loved them all!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Aarti is a Party!

This is my lovely and talented friend Aarti.

Truly, Aarti is quite lovely, and quite talented. She's a brilliant improviser as well as a brilliant chef. She has taken it upon herself to make her own cooking show to great acclaim. She writes her own blog over at Aartilla the Fun where you can find recipes to try out and drool over. She even works with her ever so lovely and talented husband, Brendan McNamara to host The News Show:

I want you to know about Aarti, because she is doing what she loves, and she is working to make her life nice and abundant from doing so. I also want you to hire her to bake you a cake or something else just as delicious. If you'd like to see an example, check out her blog entry Proud of Myself.

Below is her newest episode of Aarti Paarti Quick Bites. Watch and enjoy!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

What's The Haps

My apologies for being out of the loop for the past week! So much is happening in the world!

This week I want you to watch Mythbusters, go see lots of theater, and recycle your old yoga mats.


Len Anderson IV, a new family member of The Hothouse, gets to be on Mythbusters this week! As he posted on his Facebook account, "
Mythbusters Fans - I am low and supersonic in an F-18 on the episode "Curving Bullets" Wed. night. 9 pm. Does flying a sonic boom really break glass?" This is pretty friggin' cool if you ask me. Len is an awesome improviser as well as an awesome pilot! Woo hoo!


Opening this week! At the Ark Theatre Company - Hedda Gabler, by good ol' Ibsen.
My friends at Ark are very excited about this performance. As I've never read or seen Hedda, I'm very excited for what will unfold on stage. Buy your online tix here

Also this Friday, it's time for another round of improv at The Hothouse. Meet the cast!

Over at Sacred Fools Theater Company, my wonderful friend Michael Holmes is performing in Madness in Valencia. It looks to be like a fantastic show, it's been given a 'Go" from the LA Weekly. That's huge. For more info:

And last but certainly not least, my lovely and talented friend, Susan Lee is hosting a night of 24 hour theater as a fundraiser for her fall production Gross Indecency at The Eclectic Theatre Company. Here's the blurb:
What happens when writers have no time to write and directors and actors have no time to rehearse? Why, 24 hour theater is what happens!
Friday night, June 12, the writers get assigned a line of dialog and draw a cast out of a hat. They then scurry off to their local coffee house and tap away at their keyboards until early morning.
Saturday, June 13, the directors and actors arrive early in the morning, get together and go off and rehearse.
At 8 PM and 10 PM that night, the show goes on, ready or not. It's a fine line between train wreck and brilliance.
Admission - $10
C'mon, you know you want to see how it all turns out!
This event is a fundraiser for "Gross Indecency, the Three Trials of Oscar Wilde", which opens September 4th at Eclectic Company Theatre.

As for me - I find I'm in a post-show funk. I have free time, but do I really, really want to do anything? Really, I don't have any choice. In two weeks, I'm driving up home for about two months to work for Freshi Films. I get to teach filmmaking camps to bunches of little kiddies all over the Bay! On top of that, I need to pack for moving The Princess Palace, since that's happening while I'm gone. And on top of that? Getting the car smogged and registered. All within the next two weeks. Let's not get into the numerous meetings, auditions, and appointments that are happening as well. Needless to say, I feel a bit like a chicken with my head cut off. But who cares? There's lots of good things happening in the world! Go out and be part of it all!