Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Awkward Bragging

I have to say, the Pattyverse is filled with inspiring talent. I'm surrounded by such determined, dream-oriented people. It's thoroughly inspiring.

In the past three years or so, many friends have started working in the world of the webseries. It's still a new frontier, a Wild West, if you will. You may of heard of The Guild, The Bannen Way, and Stalker Chronicles. 

My roommate, Jessica Mills is amazing. Last year, she created a webseries called Awkward Embraces. I got to help out a bit, and if you look closely, I'm the Skank in Episode 5, and if you don't blink you'll see me briefly in Episode 9. Hee. Jessica got tired of the "industry" telling her in order to get seen in the world of acting you had to A + B +C, and there's no way to bypass a damn thing. She got her good friends together and decided to make a webseries. Just about a year later, she's blown up all over Twitter, the Geek World has embraced her, and the premiere of Season 2 is just around the corner!! (February 18th, yo!).

The neatest thing about it all? Jess asked me to help co-produce! Weeeeee! What it means right now? Oh, I have a wide assortment of random duties. Is that normal? Dunno. But it's pretty fun. So far, my biggest job is to help get the word out about our fundraising to complete Season 2. Also, if you follow the hashtag #AwkwardTrivia you will see what happens when we start to tweet random silly "facts" about the cast and crew. Last night, the damn thing blew up with fans coming up with their own trivia, and damn was it fun! And really humbling when you think about it - so many people, from so many different places like Awkward Embraces that they want to engage and play along with us!

You know what else is grand? A week ago, Jessica launched the second Indiegogo campaign with the dreamy goal of raising $10,000! Holy cow! Holy mackerel! Holy holy! You know what else is even more amazing? Right now, at this very moment in time, we've raised $5,303!!!!! Just over half way there, and we have two months to raise the full $10,000.  Jessica and the gang are so delighted, in awe, thankful, and downright giddy. I can tell you right now, the emails are on fire within the troops. Just you wait, you're going to be amazed at what we have in store for you.

I'm gonna finish this blog with one final plug: On February 18th, we will be celebrating the premiere of Season 2. What's the icing on that cake, you ask? The party is sponsored by Comikaze, an expo for the Los Angeles fan of anything geektastic. It's doubly a charity fundraiser, to benefit Gamers United, an organization that brings video games to children's hospitals across the world. If you're in the Los Angeles area - please, please come! You get in by either donating $10 to Gamers United, or you can bring a new comic book or video game. How cool is that? AND there will be dancing, fun gifts, and even Michelle Rodriguez will even be guest DJing. Ah-mazing.  Reserve your tix here.

All right, here's the Season 2 trailer:

And here's our Indiegogo video:

Please spread the word about Awkward Embraces! It's truly a work of love and fun.