Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Patty Jean's Running Wish List

As you know, I'm crazy to start this, "I want to run a 26.2 marathon," endeavor. In light of Amy the Writer's recent blog about zombie apocalypses, I'm also doing this so I can run long and far, far away from those brain eating creeps.

Genie, my running-partner-in-crime,
and I often talk about strategies to run better. Lately, we've been talking about shoes. And as I went jogging for the first time in a week, I was reminded how I need several items to make running a more productive and pleasant experience.

Awesome Running Shoes
Knee brace
New armband for my iPod
An iRun nifty pedometer thingy
Clothes that wick
A Road ID, because those things are just a cool idea, and a good one

'Tis not an easy list to come by, for one such as myself. I'm friggin' broke. But with promises of my new job and places to teach, and promises of massage clients building, and getting actor gigs, I know that these are not out of reach. I just have to be patient. That's all. In the meantime, I have to not go crazy, especially concerning my knees and feet. Don't want to fuck myself over before I even get to run a 5k!

By the way, our first planned 5k is February 1st, that's right - Super Bowl Sunday. We'll go run, pass out, and then watch the big game.

Now...on to some stretching, (and don't even get me going about a Yoga Wish List!).


  1. Dammit! I'm missing your first 5k! I'll be out of town, I'm sorry about that. I know you'll rock a lot. And as for the zombie apocalypse, you don't have to outrun them as long as you can outclimb them. Oh, and shooting them in the head helps too. :)

  2. Did you see what I Twittered? It was from my dad: "And the next time you're up here, and we have the time, we'll go shooting, so you know how to shoot the zombies in the head."