Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Alright, I'm Grateful, I'm Grateful, I'm Grateful!

Before my head hits the pillow tonight, I'm going to infuse my sleep with Gratitude.

I'm grateful:
-That my car was fixed
-That Mom & Dad could take care of it this time
-That my friends and co-workers didn't mind driving me around
-That work, Midas, and Jake's place were all within easy bus/walking distance to each other
-That Edelweiss didn't break anything as she just fell off of her window perch
-That Jake has allowed me to use his WiFi and I can type in bed
-That I've figured out how to record my lines and listen to them on my iPod
-That last night I got to bond with friends from my Project 22
-For my jobs at Actors Access and Freshi Films
-For my friends, new and old, they keep me going
-For the heater in Jake's room
-That Edelweiss has finally deemed me worthy of talking to, and allowed me to scritch her - even if it's late at night
-That I have friends that allow me to pet sit for them
-For being surrounded by good people on my birthday, despite that I don't get to spend it in Disneyland
-That I still have a chance to work towards a dream, despite how scary it is out here in the real world

And now, sleep.....


  1. She recovered gracefully. It was the fall that was undignified.

  2. i love this list...and i fully believe the more grateful we are, the more good stuff that comes to our lives....

    my short list:

    - I am grateful for Patty Jean!

    : )

  3. How do you record your lines to your iPod? That is super neat!

    And for my part, *I* am grateful for *you*, Patty!

  4. I'm sooooo not original, but I am SUPER GRATEFUL for Patty too!