Thursday, September 1, 2011

Recommending A Voice Over Class

Not only is my friend Richard Tatum, loveable, hilarious, brilliant, talented, goofy, and married to my friend Tracy, but he's also a talented voiceover teacher. Richard has worked in voiceover a goodly time now and has been teaching lessons for about 10 years now.

I took a class from Richard in the basics of voiceover and I loved the atmosphere that he set up. First of all, it's just darn fun. If you're a teacher and you're about the fun and not the fear, you're all right with me. Second, every one had a chance at the mic in every class. We explored different types of voiceovers, (animation, commercials, video games, etc.), and we had feedback at the end of each session. I learned quite a bit!

Richard has another round of classes coming up, starting October 6th. It runs for 6 weeks and will cover animation! Topics will include character creation, parsing scripts, making characters dynamic, and creating and maintaining a character repertoire, as well as broadening your range, audition preparation, and styles.  All students get on the microphone repeatedly every class!

So if you're interested, check out his company, Absolute Voiceover , to see what other classes he has coming up, check here. You may also find Absolute Voiceover on Facebook and Twitter.

Richard is also a wonderfully smart actor and director. If you saw Group the Musical and The Insidious Impact of Anton this year, then you've seen his directing work.

If you're an Awkward Embraces fan, than you know him as The IT Guy. Below is my favorite episode of his.

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