Wednesday, November 30, 2011

My Dad Was on TV! He's so famous.

Back in September,  my dad made an appearance on a public access show called, "Living Longer, Living Better." They were taping a Veteran's Day episode and were fortunate it enough to have two Tuskegee Airmen join them, as well as my dad, (served on the USS Bon Homme Richard and another man who served aboard the USS Hornet.

Dad, aka Stephen T. Robinson, to all you folk, served his country from 1968 to 1971. He's very proud of his contribution. He was a boiler tender - he endured quite a lot of heat, to say the least. I'm very proud of him as well. I love hearing his stories about his experiences on board. Sometimes it's hard for me to process it all, so I take it in smaller chunks. (Kinda like if my mom wanted to tell me more about working in insurance. Or if Rocky wanted to tell me what it's like working in a TV studio as an Engineer, (he knows and does SO much!) I like hearing the experiences, but the technicalities sometimes just float on by). *kind pat of understanding*

Aww, isn't he handsome? 

 Dad's Caption: "I'm the one with his elbow hanging over, just above the K in deck. We're watching the Miss USA ladies wave at other ships."

As far as the show goes, I feel like the host didn't know what she was getting into, when she interviewed the Tuskegee Airmen. Boy, did I want to hear all that they had to say. I want at least a whole hour with them. From what Dad said, LeRoy is a firecracker. Dad was able to get their autographs and talked with them a bit. He was tickled, to say the least. Dad's in the second half of the interview, and he and his mustache do a fine job on screen. Ha! I'm also proud of him, in that he was himself. Truly, that's the hardest thing for me to be on camera! He wasn't frozen, he was calm, and came across really nicely. He's a natural at being natural. 

To note, Rocky did the voiceover for the show, and I'm pretty sure he did the editing. He probably even did some camera work. I don't know, he's all over the place with his talents and technical abilities. Let me tell you this, if you want someone to help out in any production for TV or film - you best want Rocky Robinson on your team. Okay, back to Dad and the show....

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