Wednesday, July 18, 2012

San Diego Comic-Con 2012 - Pattyverse Videos

My friend Cindy asked me and several other friends to make little videos about our fun at SDCC. I wasn't sure I would have much to share, but I made a couple anyway.

My family absolutely adored them. That's what family does. So I thought I'd share 'em. Why not?

This next video wouldn't send to Cindy. I don't know why. But I could upload it to YouTube, so now I can share it.

And the best thing? The best video? The best celebrity sighting? Geoff the Robot from The Late Late Show. My family absolutely adores Craig Ferguson and Geoff. So when I heard Geoff's dulcet tones floating through the exhibit hall, I HAD to get in line. I couldn't think of which question to ask, so I settled on asking him to say hi to my family. They were so happy. SO.HAPPY.

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