Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Recent Exploits

Aside from my crusading for Susan, what else have I been doing?


I've recently become the Social Media Maven for Short Wing Productions, a co-op type company founded and run by my friends Genie Willett and Alexandra Gioulakis. I'm very excited about this, as I'm working with people I love, and I get to play online a lot for them. Yes please! You will be seeing fantastic work coming from them soon enough. First up is their short, Pizza Time.

Speaking of Social Media, I've begun blogging for Kristen Nedopak, creator of The Skyrim Parodies. Kristen is a busy lady, and she always has lots of adventures. I get more added fun as I get to learn about WordPress.  Here's my first post for her:

To Lydia With Love Goes to Dragon*Con!

Really? I'm excited about WordPress? Who have I become??? I dunno, but it's good times.

My other favorite side-project that I've got going on, is working as photographer for my roomie Trina's fashion blog: Operation Wear My Closet.

Not only do I get to take pictures of the pets, (weeee!), but it's very fun for me to think of new angles to help highlight Trina's outfit and get her to pose in fun and different ways. I wind up taking TONS of pics, and Trina selects the ones she likes best. She's been doing it since the beginning of the year and it's been a fun project to help out on. I do like taking pictures.....

These are all pursuits that I hope open up new worlds for me. The plan is to never need an office job again. The more I can play and work with creativity and my creative friends, the better. I'm reinvesting my time in vlogging and blogging and staying in touch with the world. You'll also notice there's a lot of Scotty the Kitten videos on my YouTube Channel. A couple of weeks ago, I fostered him for about 5 days, and then took him up to my family. I hadn't taken care of a young kitten in such a long time! I'm pretty sure I have hundreds of pictures of him just from those first couple of days. Heee. Mom tells me he is happily prancing around, chasing anything that moves, and even other random things that don't. Look for #ScottyTheKitten on Twitter to keep up on his cuteness.  

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