Thursday, January 3, 2013

A Grateful, Goofy, Geek

In the middle of last month, inspiration struck.

I was sitting in my car, quietly lamenting to myself how I didn't want to go into my dayjob. I had been struggling with that feeling for quite some time, (who doesn't), and I was making myself write down what I was grateful for, before I walked through the door. Then it hit me: why don't I just make a quick video each day of what I'm grateful for? It'll be something fun to do, and I can do it through the end of the month, taking me into the new year.

In the midst of the holiday season, some people feel lousy. In the midst of the mentally ill taking lives, you can feel devastated. In the midst of feeling ever so broke, you can feel crushed. When you combine that into December 2012, oh, what a triple whammy of crap to go through. So I thought doing a video each day of what I'm grateful for might just be a good thing not only for myself, but maybe, I can reach someone and make 'em giggle at my goofiness, even for a moment.

Trust me....there's some goofiness.

So if you have about 26 minutes, turn it on, listen, and laugh while you're doing the dishes, or have something inane to do.

I think there is always something to be grateful for - that's what I've learned. It may not feel like a big deal, but there is an awful lot to be grateful for. So go out there and tell me what you're grateful for.

Happy Frickin' New Year!

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