Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Whirlwind of a Weekend

Hot damn I had a good time this past weekend. So much so that it ended on a Monday. I do believe I need more hours in a day to play, sleep, and then share all.

Friday was great as Genie and I went to see a show at Improv Olympic, Opening Night. She's now taking classes there and I plan on seeing as many shows as I can with her as possible. I live for the improv. Always need more. There's more to learn, more to enjoy, more to play. And they were F-ing brilliant! The hardest thing about improv is describing a show you've seen. There's just no way to capture what you've seen. Just trust me when I say brilliant.

Saturday Genie and I went to a Vegan Cupcake Thingamabob. THEY WERE GOOD!

That is a dark chocolate peanut butter cupcake. You best believe I ordered two. That was my dinner. I'm proud to admit it.

I followed that up by seeing a movie called Big in Bollywood, where fellow UCLA alum Matt McCroskey was one of the filmmakers. It was premiered at the Indian Film Festival. The documentary was fantastic, and they won Audience Favorite! Here are the guys doing a little Q &A after the screening.

It's a little grainy, sure, but you get the idea. I was there! I saw the magic!

Sunday I went to The Gentle Barn for the first time. The Gentle Barn rescues abused animals from all sorts of places. And when I hear their stories, I find I want to be vegan more than I ever thought possible. By the way, you can go on Sundays for $5, hug the animals, and eat world class vegan cupcakes and pizza. *drool* That pizza was absolutely amazing! Enjoy these pics.

Goodness me that's a whole lotta pics.

And last but not least, I saw The Vagina Monologues performed by a wonderful group of women over at the Los Angeles Theatre Ensemble in Santa Monica. I've read the book/script before, but never watched it performed. It's truly wonderful. You may turn your nose up at it, "oh it's been done before." But still there are people who haven't seen it, haven't performed it. Still people who might not understand what it's all about it. So go see it, read it, and learn. It's wonderful to see such good work performed by your friends.
You can find The Gentle Barn and LATEnsemble on Twitter: @gentlebarn and @latensemble Great people doing great work.

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