Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Adventures of Dude and Bro

From time to time, you'll hear me mention The Hothouse. The Hothouse is a magical place for the actor/director/normal person alike to learn about improvising on stage. I have met many a fantastic person through my playful studies. There are lots of people to brag about from that corner of the world, let me tell you!

My friends Nate Messina and PJ Myers-Chase have gotten together with their friends to make their own webseries, The Adventures of Dude and Bro.  No, I haven't seen it yet, but below is a NSFW trailer on what's to come. It looks like we can expect some over the top fun. My favorite part of the trailer? The last moment involving some keen driving skills.

They've launched a Kickstarter Campaign to help them finish the last three episodes of their series. If you see something you enjoy, please spread the word and contribute as you see fit.

You can find their Kickstarter page here:

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