Monday, August 22, 2011

Fight Class The Series

Imma gonna brag about my friends Kim Turney, Jan Bryant, and Dan Speaker.

They are all partners and teach at the Academy of Theatrical Combat, and coincidentally enough, that's where I've been studying how to wield a sword for camera. Trust me, it's super fun and so far, it's the closest I've come to living my childhood dream of being a pirate.

They've taken it upon themselves to create a webseries. This isn't your typical webseries, oh no, they're breaking down fight scenes from movies and teaching you how to do them yourself! Jan and Dan teach their charming host Kristen Nedopak how to perform the scene, while Kim directs from behind the camera and gives great life to fight scenes. Each episode runs about 10 minutes and so far they've recreated fights from Army of Darkness and Game of Thrones.

Here's their latest episode, where they break down the fight scene from Hook, between Peter and Hook. Just to let you know, Jan and Dan were the swordmasters behind Hook - lucky them! Can you imagine how fun it must've been to work with Steven Speilberg, Dustin Hoffman, Robin Williams, and all those great kids? And on that set, too? So fun, so jealous.

Without further ado, here's Episode 3:

If you enjoyed that, here's their first two episodes, Army of Darkness:

And.... Game of Thrones!

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