Friday, October 21, 2011


Greetings, Sports Fans.

Or, Pattyverse Fans.

Since my last entry, life has become, well, simply complicated.

This past year I started making changes in my life. I decided to leave a job that I was at for 5 years.  I decided that I wanted more in my life. I wanted lots of big dreams to manifest themselves. I also thought quitting the dependable, soul-killing commute, nicest-woman-to-work-for job was a step in the right direction. I figured life would get a little bumpy, but I could make it work.

I was kinda right.

I had expected that the bumps in the road would get smoother, and that really, my transitional road was pretty short. Oh, I was wrong, Dear Readers. This road is a lot longer than I expected and has curves, bumps, pot holes that will kill you, and evil creatures hiding in the woods. I actually fell into a bad pot hole for a couple of weeks. Oh, that was miserable.

So to get out of the metaphor before it's too late...

Being unemployed sucks. It sent me into this spiral where I was trying to figure out what to do with my life, and then into all kinds of existential questions, and gah. Felt like I was going to implode for a moment. It felt like a very bad melodrama was living in my head.

I've decided that while I'm unemployed and there's a depression to fight off, I gotta get back to the basics. What are the basics?


  • Say "Thank You." - To every dog, cat, person, deity, tree, rock, squirrel, (SQUIRREL!!!), friend and family member I know. 
  • Treat myself well.   - While my budgets won't let me spend a week at a spa or yoga retreat, I can still go for walks, stretch, take naps, read lots of books, and occasionally visit the Super Saver movie theater.  Staying motionless in my room and shutting out the world, eating crappy food is not the way to go. Trust me on this. 
  • Find the joy in all things I can, then share it. (Why, hello there, Blog).
  • Practical things to be taken care of too. 
  • Have faith
  • Laugh often
  • Expect Good Things
  • Rely on my family and friends for support, because I would do the same for them. 
 I feel like I'm beginning all over again. It almost feels like I've just moved to Los Angeles all over again, and this time, I have even less money. But... starting over again is never a bad thing. It just means new challenges that will lead me into bigger and better Everything.


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