Thursday, September 20, 2012

Pics from Disneyland 9/19/12

Trina, Kevining
Kevining, is something that was started by a favorite DJ - Kevin, from the Kevin and Bean show. Poor guy got the worst picture in the world taken of him, and they used it for a promo picture. Henceforth, the phenomenon, Kevining.
Here we are, having a blast while screaming and enjoying Tower of Terror. Trina's face is just awesome. 
That last of dive in Splash Mountain still scares me a bit. Love how the camera captures the fear and fun. 

The gang Kevining on Space Mountain. Love how we all look. 

My Diptic/Instagram Montage of my funny faces. 
I sent this to my dad. Was *this* close to getting it for him. 
Someone tried to dig Sparky out, methinks. 
I think this is new to the set,  and it just cracks me up. Wish I could collect them all. 

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