Monday, October 22, 2012

Field Trip - RUN FOR YOUR LIVES! Zombies! 5k!

There are many great things to share from Saturday's 5k with zombies. I didn't bring my phone w/me as I didn't trust taking it into the mud and the water. Christy, one of trusty members, had a very cool waterproof case. I need to get me one of those things. Here are just a couple shots borrowed from others. There will be more pics and videos to share later in the week. Woo!

Amy the Writer's Camera Phone

Here we are, pre mud, pre hill climbing.  There was a HUGE hill they had to start us out on, nice and steep. It went on FOREVER. Right when you thought you would have a break, ZOMBIES!

I don't walk up hills very well... I really don't race up hills very well either. So I lost two flags right in the beginning.

Christy Black's Camera Phone! Pre Mud Cam.

Here we are, after the hill nonsense. We realized it's best to stay in a group. We're all so clean... Amazing. Me in the front, and going left to right, that's Amy, Trina, Kelly mark in black, Autumn, the tall drink of water in gray, Jim in green, and Richard in red. Brian is hiding behind Autumn, in blue. Christy took the picture. She and her friend Nikki were amazing to run and laugh with. We started adapting Nikki's technique of screaming and flailing arms to keep the zombies away. Brilliant, really.

Dorking out with Brian.

Below are the times! Took us an hour and a half, basically, to hike, walk, sprint between zombies, and climb over things after we finished diving into mud. Good, good times. More pics will come later, promise. Steph took amazing shots of as much as possible. I will share when I get them.

I'm 428!!!!

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