Wednesday, June 5, 2013

A New Adventure-Background Acting

I'm sitting in the lobby for Central Casting. I've stood in line for an hour. I've sat through about 90 minutes of paperwork orientation. Soon I'll stand in line to get my pic on file. The look I've chosen? Average White Chick. 

I'm in a room full of certain 'looks' or 'types'. My little Voice of Paranoia is at full speed. "You don't have a specific enough look. You only have one costume. You can't start looking for work yet. You might get called in and your day job might fire you and you're a big disappointment and you should just stay at your day job that makes you grumpy and never leave a comfort of a small paycheck cuz it's better than nothing andit'll  never work and you'll never move forward and blah blah blah blah blah" 



Yeah, I'm starting down a path that many an actor and Los Angeles Weirdo has gone down before. I feel almost sheepish to be starting now after almost 8 years if being here. In reality though, it's smarter to be making $8 an hour in an environment I want to be in, than $12 where I start to hate all of humanity. Right? You have to make those first steps forward. These are often the hardest steps. These are the steps that seem to weigh the heaviest as you don't know what to expect and all the scary options pop up first. 

I know this isn't consistent work. That scares the practical side of me. Will my day job let me do this? Should I tell them? Will it make that much difference? 


There are other places to sign up with. That's gonna happen, too. I feel like I should just collect as much info as possible before I dive in. 

I also want to share in this adventure, cuz The Internet can hold your hand and tell you it's okay. I might as well make this as fun as possible, right? Those of you out there who don't know much about this might find this interesting. 

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