Thursday, February 7, 2013

Adventure! Fight Night, or, Shooting My First Fight Scene

Last night I shot my first fight scene. I had a fabulous time! I was with my Fight Class friends and family.

The challenges: my asthma acted up. It's been awhile since it's done so and I think I it was just due to being out of shape, yet another reason to get back into running. Usually in class, you do a couple rounds of practicing a fight, but you get enough time in between tries. So it was a whole new experience for me. Sometimes, even in "straight acting" you have to do several takes of a scene, or a particular moment. It's the same thing for a fight scene. I am totally in awe of stunt performers and what they go through. I felt bad to be out of breath, but whaddya gonna do? YOU KEEP HAVING FUN - and I did!

It's great to be part of something so different. I got to fight! In costume! With a quarterstaff! Weeeeee! Luckily, I was first in the line up, so after my fight was done, I just got to sit back and enjoy watching my friends in their work and play on both sides of the camera.
Let's see if I can share some pics.

My favorite shot of the night fighting Bernadett.

Dead, dead, deadski.

Getting notes for the next take. I'm sitting cuz I'm catching my breath. Bernadett's sitting cuz she's keeping me company. She's a great fight partner.

"I dare you to cross this line."

My fellow captives. Lyssa, hiding, Anne with the attitude, Olivia, all sad looking.

Kim Turney, en guard!

Eric taking on Ralph with double cutlass.

Anne in the middle of the rapier and dagger melee.

Bernadett taking on Adam with the broadsword.

Me behind bars, right where I need to be.


  1. That must have been an awesome experience. The Pattyverse seems like a great place to live.