Friday, February 15, 2013

Taking On Something For Lent

So, this may come as a shock to you, but I'm not Catholic. So it may be an even bigger surprise to admit that occasionally, I participate in Lent.

Brian and I usually take it up as a opportunity to break a habit, and it's been completely weird or to even mundane as giving up soda. I completely let Lent slip my mind this year. Brian called me the night of Ash Wednesday and asked me what I was giving up. I didn't even think of it. I had been contemplating the act of giving up sugar, or beginning of a juice fast, something to help my health. But my mind always goes to the extreme first. And so I could never truly commit to the idea.

Brian and I chewed up ideas. He and I have done enough reading and researching about habits and nutrition, and health. We knew we wanted to do something positive instead of something negative, we also knew that if we were going to build a habit, you start small. I told Brian I wanted to get more active. (especially as I just signed up for my 2nd zombie run). How do I build myself back up after having not done a damn thing for months? So we came up with me actually using my gym membership - 20 minutes at the gym everyday. I have it, might as well use it right?

Brian wants to work on his writing - so he's going to write for 15 minutes everyday.

What I'm most tickled with is how we check in with each other. We're not going to text each other, no, we're going to send pics to each other. Since Brian recently got himself a smartphone, we've been having nerdy fun sending pics to each other and playing with the voice dictation in our texts. So every morning I'm going to send him a pic of me at the gym. And every day he's going to send me a pic of him writing.

Unbeknownst to him, I'm going to share our first pictures and then check in throughout the 40 days. I'm really looking forward to how we do.

So yeah, cheers! Here we go on a new adventure!

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  1. Brian could totally cheat! We're watching you Brian!