Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Things and Things

Every day, my actor friends and I are trying to figure out ourselves and what we're really pursuing. Is it right? Should I have left town? Do I work 5 part-time jobs so I can go audition and be in theater and or films? Do I just ignore the money issue and just go, go, go? These questions seem to be the constant themes in our lives, even for those of my friends who do book commercials and/or scenes - we're in a constant state of WTF am I doing with my life?

So here's me trying to find a balance. On top of all those questions, I'm beginning to figure out how to manage my stress, working out, trying to appreciate my body, working out, eating better, etc., etc. All these higher concepts of Life, the Universe, and Everything Else....

This morning, I get up early enough to make myself some food and prepare a hopefully tasty lunch of chicken and salad. I'm boiling eggs for breakfast.... I find that I can't open the bag of salad, I can't find scissors to open the bag, and so I grab a big sharp knife to open the bag. And what do I proceed to do? Open the bag and my left index finger. The tippity top of the finger is gone. So there's me trying to hold calm while I'm bleeding profusely and searching for band-aids in the apartment where I'm house-sitting, and kittens are following me back and forth, hopping on the counter where I've finally found band-aids.... I finally get myself bandaged up. I put an icepack around my finger so it's numb.... But now I need to get the eggs out, since they are so hard-boiled by now. I go to grab the handle with my other hand...ouch! I forgot - the pot handle gets hot and I need a mit to grab it! So now I've slightly burnt my right hand!

And what does this all mean?

It means pay the fuck attention to what you're fucking doing, Patty!!! Don't get so caught up in all the bullshit that is running around in your little head.

I find it amazing that I've been able to survive this long. I think I wouldn't do so well to carry on the human race if it wasn't for modern technology. If it was me stranded on a deserted island, I don't think I'd last longer than a week. Just sayin'.....


  1. I LOVE YOU!!! And consider this a big hug!!!!
    And you'd do better on that island than you think!

  2. i agree with your pops...i tend to hurt myself too when i am caught up in stuff...it's the universe's way of saying "HEEEYYYYYYY snap out of it!" : )

    this from the gal who has broken her wrist, sprained her ankle like three times, hit her head countless times (that explains a lot!) and has had numerous burns and bruises. : )