Monday, March 30, 2009


The finger is hanging in there. I now feel comfortable walking around without a band-aid on. I have been documenting it, and hope to do a silly little photo essay on the progress it goes under. Right now, it still hurts when I bang it, and it feels a bit numb. It's strange to say the least.

It has occurred to me that I will not have a free weekend until June. While this means I'm involved in a fantastic show with wonderful friends - I'm a little bummed. Because it's just hit me that for the past 6 weeks I've been involved with 2 other shows! Gee, I wonder why my brain has felt a bit fried the past month. Working on 3 shows at a time is a wee time consuming. Yeah, I've been doing Project 22, and rehearsing for The Country Wife, but every weekend for the past 5 weeks, I've been backstage helping change costumes. 3 shows at once. I get it now.

I want to get in a visit to my family, but it looks like the only way I'm going to do that is take time off work, and that's a bit of a bummer since money is tight anyway. But onwards and sideways, I can make it work. .... Just as long as my car does. If you have free prayer time, let it go to the Car Gods.

Hey, I'm turning 32 next week! (On Wednesday the 8th, for those of you keeping track at home). Crazy! I may be getting older, but I don't think I'm growing up. I would love to take advantage of Disneyland letting me attend for free on my birthday, but it's just not in the cards. I have to work, and there's a run-through of my Country Wife show. I think my birthday celebration will come with friends while playing on stage. I won't even have time to make weekend celebrations. C'est la vie. Last year it was celebrated by watching Young Frankenstein with good friends at the Ark, and then a birthday dinner at Cafe 50s with other good friends. Maybe when I hit 35 I'll have a big party. It'll be on a Friday then - it'll be perfect.

Aside from craving Free Time where I get to bask in doing nothing, (because everything's been taken care of - like laundry), I crave pampering. Months and months without massage and a facial is torture, I'm telling you. Some of you may think that's a bit indulgent, and maybe it is, but it's good for the soul, and valuable for a healthy state of being. It becomes more and more apparent as my back is not letting me turn my neck too far in either direction, my face is breaking out, and I ache. Blach. One day, one day soon, I hope....

There's lots in the air, I hope to concentrate on the good so it'll keep feeding and growing into more Good in all areas of my life. I'll keep you posted.

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