Thursday, May 28, 2009

Go Out & See Some Theater! -and-The Princess Palace is Relocating

Get out of the house, you Los Angelinos!

Here's some theater you need to see:

The Country Wife - my show is closing this week! Sadness! Saturday's our last night. It's,"a sexual creampuff of delight!" For ticket info, look up Ark Theatre, Goldstar, LA Stage Alliance, or Stubdog.

The Heretic Mysteries -a show that features my friend Dee Amero Sudik, put on by the Los Angeles Theatre Ensemble. I'm excited because I get to see this show next Thursday! Whoopee! I believe you can look up half-price tix at the same websites, but don't quote me on that.

Project 22 - A night of improv at The Hothouse! You know this is close to my heart. $10 at the door, free booze, 3 sets of brilliant improvisers, one live band to throw it all together. So. Goshdarn.Fun.

This Sunday, the Academy of Theatrical Combat is hosting another Intro Class from 12 to 2. $50, tell Jan and Dan I say hi. SO FUN!!!!

In other news, The Housing Gods have seen to bless the current residents of The Princess Palace. Namely, myself Trina, and Jessi. We're going to move mid-July and live in a brand new home. Three of us are very excited, there's a backyard for the doggies and excellent parking, among other fabulous, fabulous accroutement. (Did I spell that right?) Oh, primarily we're excited just because we're not living under the rule of the crazy, drunk-sounding landlady. Hallelujah.

The closing of Country Wife will be sad. But, after a 7 week run, I'm definitely looking forward to a little more free time. One of the joys at being part of a theater company is that I don't have to say goodbye to the friends that I've made. And while some are all ready to get started on the next show, they are not far, far away.

The Artist's Way challenge of no reading/normal distraction of Facebook is still challenging. The good thing is, I've spent more time on this blog. The bad, it has cut off my major communication to the world. Unfortunately, time is seeming to escape me and it has left me feeling strangely restless and easily grouchy. Yet I am determined to keep the best foot forward. C'mon, World, bring me the good stuff!!!!

I hope you all have a lovely day, and for crying out loud, go out and see some live theater!!!

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